Powernic Massager: Robotic Shiatsu Claw with a Vulcan Grip

It looks like a prop from the latest Dr. Who series, it clamps down with the deliberateness of a Vulcan, and it feels... well... not too bad. The Powernic finger-pressure massager is a pretty serious apparatus, and in the wrong hands it could probably do quite a bit of damage. Good thing there's a touch-sensitive… » 5/14/08 4:45pm 5/14/08 4:45pm

Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine Shrinks Something, But Not…

The Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine claims to improve your muscle strength and bone density, using some magic high-frequency vibration. Doesn't this remind you of those worthless butt-shaking machines that were so popular back in the '60s? This one's makers also boast about how it could actually speed weight… » 7/31/07 11:40am 7/31/07 11:40am

Good Vibrations' Vibrating Shoes Give Your Feet a Treat

They say your feet are the most ignored part of your body. Well, a company by the name of Good Vibrations is planning on changing that. They've created a show with a built-in massager that soothes your aching feet with the press of a button. You can choose when you want the massaging to begin and there's even a… » 2/16/07 11:50am 2/16/07 11:50am