I Let a Weird Man Rub Me for 10 Minutes, in the Name of Journalism

ITP, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, is the birthplace of some incredibly weird and wonderful creative technology. Just this year, we've already seen butt plugs custom-made to represent the campaign of each GOP presidential candidate, and a descriptive camera that spits… »5/15/12 10:00pm5/15/12 10:00pm


Mario Mushroom Is Yet Another Lame Attempt to Disguise a Vibrator

For some reason I can't seem to grasp, Japanese people seem to be obsessed with vibrating objects that are not actual vibrators. OK, I lied, I can understand it perfectly. Specially when they try to pass them as soft Super Mario mushrooms. Then I don't only understand the obsession, but I actually want to have one. In… »11/18/08 10:20pm11/18/08 10:20pm

"First" iPhone 3G Owner Says It's a Survival Bet, Gets Chinese Masseuse

Apparently life in New Zealand must be really tough, with all those orcs, goblins, and trolls trying to cut your head off, and steal your powerful jewelry. That's what it seems from listening to this radio interview with the man who may be the first guy on Earth to buy an iPhone 3G: according to him, the whole getting… »7/09/08 8:59am7/09/08 8:59am