Master Lock Dial Speed Review: For When Numbers Are Too Complicated

Was the last number 23, or 32? Wait, is this even my lock? If you've ever been late for class or stuck at the gym because of a frozen analog combo lock, you're in luck. With this digital directional lock, it doesn't matter if you can't memorize a string of numbers—but you still have to know your left from right. »8/23/12 3:20pm8/23/12 3:20pm


Unlocking the Master Lock dialSpeed Is Like Playing a Video Game

This Master Lock dialSpeed ditches the old combination wheels of yore and flimsy directional joysticks of two years ago for something more techy: an electronic directional interface that's more like a d-pad than a lock. You can customize the code, create multiple unlock codes and if you've forgotten 'em all, use a… »7/17/12 5:00pm7/17/12 5:00pm