The CO2 In Our Atmosphere Can Now Be Transformed Into Carbon Nanofibers 

Carbon nanofibers are an incredibly exciting material. They’ve been around for a long time, but still aren’t common, partially because they’re difficult and expensive to make. Now, a team of engineers say it figured out a simple way to make them–by sucking carbon dioxide straight out of the atmosphere. »8/19/15 5:30pm8/19/15 5:30pm

Secret Molecular Barcodes Could Be Used to Fight Counterfeits 

French scientists have created the first synthetic polymers that can store information as bits of 0s and 1s. You might think of it as a highly simplified version of DNA, another molecule that is very, very good at storing information. These new polymers could one day replace DNA in the burgeoning field of molecular… »6/05/15 11:15am6/05/15 11:15am

How Apple Will Make Superhard "Apple Gold" for Its Watches

Apple design VP Jony Ive told the Financial Times that Apple had invented a new kind of ultra-hard 18 karat gold for its line of luxury Apple Watches. Though rumors about the gold's bizarre molecular structure are false, Apple Gold is a real thing. Here's what the patent reveals about it, and a possible Apple Diamond… »3/09/15 2:31pm3/09/15 2:31pm