Local River Aquaponics System—But You Can Call It "Refrigerator-Aquarium"

The Local River is an aquarium-vegetarium (hang on a minute) by Mathieu Lehanneur, the same guy who thought up last year's Bel Air plant filtration system. Using the same curved white design that tickled our fancy with the Bel Air last year, the Local River is a home storage system for fish and greens that is… »4/08/08 6:07am4/08/08 6:07am


Bel-Air Filtration System Uses Plants to Purify Our Environs

With more than a nod to NASA and James Dyson, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur's Bel-Air purifying system uses plants to keep the atmosphere inside your house clean from nasty pollutants. The pint-sized air-filtration system acts as a miniature greenhouse, stripping the benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene… »11/30/07 5:43am11/30/07 5:43am