Mathmos Glowing Wind Lights Probably Best For Breezier Locales

Mathmos »11/13/08 6:01am11/13/08 6:01am' eight-inch tall windlights are pretty simple—just a generator, 2.4-inch propeller and two LED lights—but that doesn't stop them from having their own cute, glowing eco-charm. Basically when the wind blows strongly enough, they light up: dot them about your garden and you'd have a great display, but only if…

Mathmos Poplight, Ditches Lava for LED Color-Changing Cuteness

I've just installed a set of color-change lighting strips in my new apartment, but now I kinda wish I'd spotted these new lamps from original lava-lamp makers Mathmos first. The Poplights are cuteness exemplified: just six inches high, and in hand-blown glass. They've got a set of LEDs inside the central "bulb" and… »6/29/08 5:45pm6/29/08 5:45pm

Tiny Lava Light Cellphone Charm Blinks When You Have a Call

Most cellphone charms do nothing but sit there and be charming, but this one by Lava Lamp creator Mathmos actually serves a useful purpose: It blinks red (or blue, your choice) when you have a phone call coming in. Might be a good compromise between setting that phone on vibrate and possibly still irritating those… »7/16/07 1:37pm7/16/07 1:37pm