Make This Lava Lamp Bubble and Churn Yourself

When I say "yourself," I mean "whack a tealight candle underneath." It's certainly more DIY than plugging it into a wall socket and flicking the switch. One tealight is good for around three hours of '70s-style fun. » 11/03/10 4:10am 11/03/10 4:10am

Mathmos' USB Pets Blob & Flow Blink At You From Big LED Eyes

Mathmos makes such great mood-light products, but most of them need to be plugged into wall sockets to work. Blob and Flow can be plugged into USB ports, providing touch-sensitive ambient lighting to accompany your emailing. » 5/21/10 7:00am 5/21/10 7:00am

Mathmos Glowing Wind Lights Probably Best For Breezier Locales

Mathmos » 11/13/08 6:01am 11/13/08 6:01am' eight-inch tall windlights are pretty simple—just a generator, 2.4-inch propeller and two LED lights—but that doesn't stop them from having their own cute, glowing eco-charm. Basically when the wind blows strongly enough, they light up: dot them about your garden and you'd have a great display, but only if…

Mathmos Poplight, Ditches Lava for LED Color-Changing Cuteness

I've just installed a set of color-change lighting strips in my new apartment, but now I kinda wish I'd spotted these new lamps from original lava-lamp makers Mathmos first. The Poplights are cuteness exemplified: just six inches high, and in hand-blown glass. They've got a set of LEDs inside the central "bulb" and… » 6/29/08 5:45pm 6/29/08 5:45pm

Tiny Lava Light Cellphone Charm Blinks When You Have a Call

Most cellphone charms do nothing but sit there and be charming, but this one by Lava Lamp creator Mathmos actually serves a useful purpose: It blinks red (or blue, your choice) when you have a phone call coming in. Might be a good compromise between setting that phone on vibrate and possibly still irritating those… » 7/16/07 1:37pm 7/16/07 1:37pm

Mathmos Air Switch Motion-Sensing Lamp

Mathmos, the company that created the Lava Lamp, searches for its next huge hit, and it might be onto something with the Air Switch, a line of lamps that are controlled as if by magic. Just a wave of the hand above it turns it on and off. They're $95 apiece. » 9/12/06 12:20pm 9/12/06 12:20pm

The Mathmos Tuba is the New Lava Lamp

This decorative gadget is a lamp that cycles through colors using an LED array. The 12-inch circle has a multicolored LED lightsource in the middle. The light activates when you push the diaphragm, or, in sound activation mode, it syncs the LEDs to your tunes. In other words, it sounds like it would be a pretty thing… » 8/24/06 4:10pm 8/24/06 4:10pm