Spy Drones Coming Soon to the US, AT-ST Walkers to Follow Next

Reuters is reporting that the Miami-Dade police department will "soon" start deployment of the infamous Honeywell Micro Air Vehicles, the spy drones that will keep all you criminals and Gizmodo editors in check with forward and downward looking cameras, flying over a 100 waypoint flight plan at 57MPH, and from… » 3/26/08 6:35am 3/26/08 6:35am

Air Force Developing Spy Planes That Can Recharge on Power Lines

The US Air Force Research Lab is currently developing a micro air vehicle (MAV) that can harvest energy from power lines, which could lead to significantly longer surveillance missions. The aircraft would even have the ability to transform into inconspicuous objects, like an "innocuous piece of trash hanging from the… » 12/18/07 5:20pm 12/18/07 5:20pm