​Geordi La Forge Explains NASA's MAVEN Mission to Mars

After narrowly avoiding the chopping block during the recent government shutdown, NASA's upcoming MAVEN mission is finally a go for launch on Monday, barring any technical or weather setbacks. Before then, take a moment as Reading Rainbow host and Star Trek: TNG staple LeVar Burton explains exactly what the… »11/15/13 3:00pm11/15/13 3:00pm

NASA's New Martian Explorer Will Explain Where All the Water Went

We know that Mars once had an Earth-like atmosphere dense enough to support liquid water on the surface of the planet, we've found the dry riverbeds and the presence of minerals only formed in water to prove it. We're also pretty sure that the planet slowly lost that atmosphere into the depths of space on account of… »8/29/13 1:00pm8/29/13 1:00pm