3D Translucent Laser Display Will Turn Windows Into Billboards

Sony has teamed up with the Max-Planck Institute in Germany to create a flexible, translucent display that creates 3D multi-color images from laser beams. The all-organic screen uses a chemical reaction called photoexcitation to render images, where energy moves from the lasers to the screen and “turns on” the… » 10/08/08 3:15am 10/08/08 3:15am

Sony's Bendy Organic Screen Means Video Clothes, Animated Cereal Boxes At Last

OLEDs are pretty much awesome, but the coolest application, the bendy one, is still tricky, because flexible plastic is more porous than stiff glass, and OLEDs get really upset when they come in contact with oxygen. Apparently, though, Sony and Germany's Max Planck Institute have cooked up a flexible and transparent… » 10/03/08 7:23pm 10/03/08 7:23pm