Amazon Building 24/7/365 Video Tech Support into Kindle Fires

Amazon has a new button. This button, built into the new Kindle Fire HDX's software, summons a real, live human being (support technician) to your tablet over video chat, day or night, any day of the year, for whatever reason you want. It's positively absurd, in scope (and, likely, practice). And it's something that… »9/25/13 12:01am9/25/13 12:01am

Delusional Anarchists' May Day Plot Foiled After Buying Fake Bombs From the FBI

Five "self-professed anarchists" were arrested outside Cleveland last night after buying a pair of fake bombs from the FBI. According to the local ABC affiliate, the plan was to use improvised explosive devices made of C4 to blow up the Route 82 bridge in Brecksville during today's commute. Three of the five men have… »5/01/12 11:25am5/01/12 11:25am