Melancholia: Our World Didn't End so Watch One That Will

Even though it's probably safe to assume by now that the Mayan Apocalypse was a bust, we've still got a few more hours of socially acceptable nihilism on our hands. If you haven't already had the (figurative) pleasure, there will never be a better time to sink into the slowly unraveling despair that is Melancholia. » 12/21/12 7:30pm 12/21/12 7:30pm

Hey Look The World Didn't End Today

Testing, testing. Anyone there? If you can see these words, you'd have survived the great 2012 Mayan Apocalypse. Congratulations! You're all still alive! It's now 12:00 AM on December 21st 2012 and everything seems to be still ticking. » 12/21/12 12:00am 12/21/12 12:00am

Hey Australia, Is the World Over Yet?

I'm writing these lines on December 20, 2:54PM. In Australia, it's December 21, 6:54AM. If you are in Australia, please reply in the comments promptly. We want to know if the world is over yet there or not. Also, if you have spotted any Nibirus, please tell us at once. Thank you. » 12/20/12 2:56pm 12/20/12 2:56pm

The Best Craigslist Ads of the Mayan Apocalypse

Because of course this is going on. Lonely alarmists and pervy opportunists and generally fun-slash-promiscuous are taking to craigslist to find companionship, salvation, and maybe some casual sex. » 12/20/12 11:42am 12/20/12 11:42am

7 Ways the World Really Could End Tomorrow

There's no shortage of Doomsday naysayers. And sure, it's easy to ignore the prophecies of ancient Mayans. But you know what? The world could end any time—including tomorrow. » 12/20/12 9:00am 12/20/12 9:00am

Testing Microphones with Rockstars from Apollo Run and OK Go

When it came time to review Blue's Spark Digital microphone, we could have put a few mics in a row, sang a little, played a little guitar, then scrutinized the sounds. Or we could have talented musicians from two amazing bands create an all-new song for us. » 12/17/12 11:00am 12/17/12 11:00am

How to Survive the Mayan Apocalypse: Urine and Mayonnaise

Funnyman and former PC John Hodgman has a hilarious solution to survive the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse on December 21, 2012 and it involves more urine and mayonnaise than is healthy. Still, you don't want blood waves and a dog army to kill you, right? Enjoy. It's so sensible! [YouTube via Laughing Squid] » 12/07/12 10:00pm 12/07/12 10:00pm