This Is NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Secret Spotify Account (Confirmed)

There are too many damn people crammed into Spotify's NYC offices because Mayor Mike is in the house! Or we're told he will be at some point, but we've been sitting here for two hours. Us tech bloggers are all aflutter because we're getting an audience with a real news maker that our moms have actually heard of.… » 6/27/13 1:48pm 6/27/13 1:48pm

Bloomberg Used Incredible 3D-Printed Scissors for a 3D Printing Factory…

Not only did Mayor Mike Bloomberg cut the ribbon today at the new Shapeways 3D printing factory in New York, he did it using 3D-printed scissors. And they came out of the printer fully assembled. » 10/18/12 2:00pm 10/18/12 2:00pm