Samsung Series 9 Laptop Is Thinner, Lighter, and Officially More Expensive Than the MacBook Air

Samsung's Series 9 laptop is the first real dart thrown at the MacBook Air; it's lighter, it's thinner, it's faster, and it looks gorgeous. Looks like Samsung's not going to match Apple on price, though. The 13-inch Series 9 starts at $1,650, fifty bucks more than the most expensive Air and a full $350 more than… » 3/16/11 1:38pm 3/16/11 1:38pm

Intel's MacBook Air Processor Going to PCs?

It looks like that custom MacBook Air processor—you know, the Core 2 Duo processor that Intel shrunk to tiny levels without miniaturizing their 65nm manufacturing process—may soon be making its way into PCs. According to PC Advisor, two non-Apple manufacturers (including Intel itself?) will be implementing the new… » 1/31/08 8:26am 1/31/08 8:26am

MacBook Air Tear Down: Sexy On the Inside Too

Click to viewAh, shit. The Air technically belongs to Apple, so we're not supposed to open it up. For the time being, we're pulling the photos, but nothing is gonna stop us from running em later. We'll repost when we get our own units. UPDATE: Now that Macbooks are shipping, we've posted the second set of innards.… » 1/24/08 6:37pm 1/24/08 6:37pm