There's an Incredibly Complex Clock Inside This Miniature Mechanical Man

In the world of watchmaking, MB&F has always had a soft spot for creating the occasional mechanical marvel that can't be strapped to a wrist. Such as the company's latest creation, a robot named Melchior that can't vacuum floors, clean windows, or open doors, but can keep track of the time while serving as an awesome… »3/19/15 7:05pm3/19/15 7:05pm

You'll Waste Hours Watching the Time Tick By On this Nixie Tube Clock

Though the technology is ludicrously outdated, Nixie tubes have actually remained a popular alternative to LEDs and LCD displays—at least in devices where function follows form. So it's no surprise that MB&F, known for its over-the-top watches and music boxes, has embraced them on its new Nixie Machine clock that… »1/27/15 7:00pm1/27/15 7:00pm

The Tiny Figure On This Watch Gets Tired When It Needs a Winding

When you're wearing an old-school watch that requires winding every few days, the last thing you want is to look down to discover it stopped ticking hours ago. That's why mechanical watches usually include a power reserve indicator, but none are as unique as the tiny creature on MB&F's new Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang. »3/07/14 2:40pm3/07/14 2:40pm

All Music Boxes Should Look Like Bond Villain Speedboats

MB&F is known for its horological creations that eschew the form factors of traditional watch design. But the company has now taken its expertise in designing mechanical timekeeping wonders and applied it to the world of music boxes, resulting in what looks like a cross between a hydroplane and a retroriffic time… »4/24/13 10:40am4/24/13 10:40am

This Watch Is Like Strapping a Muscle Car to Your Wrist

If you'd rather have a classic Mustang or GTO in your driveway than a Ferrari, you'd probably also prefer MB&F's new Horological Machine No. 5 strapped to your wrist instead of a Rolex. Inspired by the American muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s, the watch presents the time like a series of dashboard gauges that never… »12/05/12 9:40am12/05/12 9:40am

Horological Machine No.2 Brings Steampunk to Your Wrist, Bankruptcy to Your Life

MB&F's Horological Machine No. 2 (HM2) is a timepiece god. It has four dials, which offer the following measurements: "instantaneous jump hour, concentric retrograde minutes, retrograde date and bi-hemisphere moon phase." That basically means the watch has two date and two time keeping dials. Who the hell cares? It's… »11/07/07 6:26am11/07/07 6:26am