MBL Speakers Look Steampunkish, Cost More Than a Black Market Left Kidney

MBL's new X-treme Speakers may look mighty impressive, but that has nothing to do with their ability to deliver "acoustically brilliant" sound, their ridiculously huge 6ft tall deep bass towers containing four 12" subwoofers, or the immense one month assembly/delivery time. No, the reason for their brilliance lies in… »11/24/07 2:15pm11/24/07 2:15pm


Home Entertainment Show 2007, or If It's Not $100,000, It's Crrrrrap!

The increasingly unaptly named Home Entertainment Show opened its doors today in NYC at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Terminal (now through Sunday, $25-$35). I say that because there are no TVs, or indeed any video technologies, on display. No projectors, no mention of DVDs, let alone HD DVD or Blu-ray. In fact,… »5/11/07 4:20pm5/11/07 4:20pm