This Is the 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro You Should Get

From the first time we saw the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, we've been thinking: "Well, that's great, but can it be a little smaller?" Done. You can now buy a beautiful, bright, pixel-perfect display attached to a souped-up ultrabook. » 10/24/12 12:40pm 10/24/12 12:40pm

Is This the New 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

We've been expecting the new 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display to come out with the iPad Mini but here is more possible proof that it's actually coming. Pictures of the upcoming laptop have popped up and show ports on the left and right side, the battery layout and more features inside. » 10/19/12 7:34pm 10/19/12 7:34pm

Report: New MacBook Pros Will Be Retina Display, USB 3.0 Monster…

It's always best not to put too much stock in the old familiar "supply chain sources," but 9to5Mac knows a guy who knows a guy who has confirmed what we've always thought about Apple's next MacBook Pros: They're going to be thin, fast, and gorgeous. » 5/14/12 8:36am 5/14/12 8:36am

The Apple Store Is Updating

The Apple Store is currently closed for business. It is very unlikely that Apple could introduce the MacBook Pro 2012 overnight, especially when everything indicates that it would be a heavily redesigned model. We will see what happens, but most probably it is some kind of routine database maintenance. » 4/11/12 12:43am 4/11/12 12:43am

15-Inch MacBook Pro Gets Small Processor Bump

In all of the Apple announcements today, it would be easy to miss that the 15-inch MacBook Pro ($2,500 version) has gotten a processor bump from 2.53GHz to 2.66GHz, along with an upgrade option that now reaches 2.93GHz. That puts its base configuration on equal number crunching footing with the 17-inch MacBook Pro (the … » 3/03/09 9:41am 3/03/09 9:41am