Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 Officially Announced, MIDs and Menlow…

Intel has officially presented the Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007 (formerly known as McCaslin) and announced the new Menlow architecture with Silverthorn processors for 2008. They have also given us a peek and poke over Redflag's MIDinux Linux distribution, which apparently has been designed for those mobile… » 4/18/07 6:17am 4/18/07 6:17am

Intel Inks New Blueprints for UMPCs, Plans on Better Battery Life

Intel is having a tough time getting their UMPCs to take off, so in an attempt to give their oversized handhelds a jolt, they're building an entirely new UMPC platform. The platform will be dubbed McCaslin and will be based around chip named Stealey. The CPU will support the Premium Vista OS, yet it'll be more energy… » 4/06/07 3:00pm 4/06/07 3:00pm