Windows 7 Touch Control Makes Media Center More Awesome

Visiting Microsoft's Media Center posse in Redmond, I just caught a glimpse of the Windows 7 Media Center interface with integrated touch control (no third-party software) on an HP TouchSmart. All I can say is, I've always loved the MCE user experience—it really is a highlight of Microsoft design—but adding smooth… »11/19/08 1:44pm11/19/08 1:44pm

EZ Commander Media Center Remote Features Trackball, 1980s Beige Color Scheme

Ignoring the retro styling of this EZ Commander remote, it's got one remarkable feature that makes the whole five-buck-design worthwhile: a trackball. Even though trackballs went out of style for most computer users (some die hards still swear by them) they make plenty of sense to use with a remote, so you can mouse… »3/27/08 3:20pm3/27/08 3:20pm

Niveus EDGE Media Center Extender Does 1080p, is Whisper Quiet, But No Wireless N

The fourth and final MCE extender is by niveus is the best looking, has 3 USB ports which is two more than what you probably need for thumbdrive playback, and best of all passive cooling. The passive cooling, if it is like the type in the full sized Niveus Media Center PCs, it uses heatpipes that go from processor… »9/27/07 11:58am9/27/07 11:58am

Microsoft Presides Over Linksys, D-Link and Niveus Media Center Unveilings, Debuts Internet TV Beta

Later today at DigitalLife, Microsoft's Windows Media Center chief Joe Belfiore will demo the new Media Center Extenders you're just now hearing about, including the Linksys DMA2200 and DMA2100, and the D-Link DSM-750 MediaLounge Media Player. Another one he'll show off is the Niveus Media Extender, which we'll cover… »9/27/07 12:01am9/27/07 12:01am

Hands On New Cisco Linksys Wireless-N Media Center Extenders (Plus: Some Tasty New N-Friendly Toys)

You may have heard about the new Media Center Extenders from Cisco's Linksys division. The DMA2200 shown above is a high-def MCE with 1080p-upscaling DVD player and Dual-Band Wireless-N, priced at $350. The smaller $300 DMA2100 MCE is geared for bedrooms and kitchens, places where you're going to want less clutter,… »9/27/07 12:01am9/27/07 12:01am

Linksys DMA 2200 Media Center Extender 2.0 Plus DVD Player

On first glance, you might guess the photo above is of a gen one Xbox with rear mounted antenna. But actually, Linksys's DMA 2200 is one of those new fangled v2.0 Media Center Extenders. And true to their promise of integrating the extender tech inside of other gadgets, this one has a built in DVD player. (Bravo! Who… »9/26/07 3:23pm9/26/07 3:23pm

FYI: New Media Center Extender Getting H.264 and HDMI

Got some eyes-on time with the upcoming refreshed Media Center Extender v.2 boxes. Here are the features that weren't in the press release that will hopefully keep it from being DOA like the older MCE 2005 extenders and differentiate it from current-gen Xbox 360.
• It is lame, but the Xbox 360 is not slated to get the… »9/06/07 2:32pm9/06/07 2:32pm

Microsoft Media Extender Platform Relaunched With 802.11n, DivX and Xvid Support

Probably the only Media Extender hardware most people are aware of is the Xbox 360, and with everyone and their mom getting into the set-top box game, it's time Microsoft re-juiced the stagnating platform. Renamed "Extenders for Window Media Center" (okay?) the new platform will debut on hardware from Linksys, D-Link… »9/06/07 4:30am9/06/07 4:30am

Exclusive: First Hands-On With Niveus' CableCARD Equipped Vista Media Centers

Click to viewWe got a chance to visit the Niveus headquarters last week, and the founders gave us a nice hands-on with their upcoming CableCARD-capable systems. If you're not familiar with these media centers, they're essentially Windows Vista machines with an external receiver that handle high-def feeds from your… »4/03/07 2:00pm4/03/07 2:00pm

YouTube Poised to Invade Your V Cast Phone, MCE PC

It's not often us Verizon customers get good news (or good phones for that matter), but the boys in red have been schmoozing it up with the folks at YouTube in an attempt to bring Verizon V Cast customers access to YouTube's massive catalog of videos. The deal, which smells of an exclusive, would also give Verizon an… »11/07/06 10:48am11/07/06 10:48am