Real McFly 2015 Prototype Shoe from Back to the Future, Part II…

While Nike is releasing some half-baked Back to the Future "inspired" shoes, purists know that they aren't the real deal. Sort of looking like the shoes from the movie isn't enough. They need to be the shoes from the movie. Well, here you go: the original prototype shoe built for the movie. It doesn't get much more… » 7/11/08 5:01pm 7/11/08 5:01pm

Nike's Back to the Future Sneaker Patents Discovered After 26 Years

Here are patents Nike filed that prove that they considering making the shoes from Back to the Future II. Michael Maloof of the McFly 2015 movement dug them up yesterday.

» 8/10/07 2:39pm 8/10/07 2:39pm

McFly 2015 Stickers and Pins

Those are the first shots of the newly printed buttons and stickers for the McFly 2015 movement. They're still trying their best to get Nike to issue the never-before-made Sneakers from Back to the Future II. Support the movement, sign the petition. (Video after the jump) » 6/15/07 4:34pm 6/15/07 4:34pm


McFly 2015: Help Bring Marty McFly's Sneakers Back to the Present

This is a friendly reminder to sign the McFly 2015 project. You know, to convince Nike to build Marty McFly's kicks from Back to the Future II. I've signed because they're cool enough to risk tearing up the space-time continuum with an early release. » 5/07/07 10:28pm 5/07/07 10:28pm