This Hypnotic Turntable's Glowing Platter Floats on Magnets

If you're a fan of the supposedly warmer, richer sound of vinyl, you owe it to yourself to outfit your sound system with gear that does your record collection justice. And as long as you're not scratching on the side, the turntables that McIntosh has been making for decades will do your analog music proud.… » 10/03/13 2:01pm 10/03/13 2:01pm

It's About Time Airplay Arrived in (the Other) McIntosh

Wireless music might not be the status quo yet, but sooner or later, it will be. Even the snootiest, most elite audio companies will have to come around or perish. So it's pretty significant that McIntosh, the high-fidelity audio giant, joined the party this September with an AirPlay speaker. If the future doesn't… » 10/19/12 9:55am 10/19/12 9:55am

McIntosh Teaches Its 50-Year-Old Tube Amp a Few New Tricks

Audiophiles love tube amps because of the warm, full sound they provide. But the vacuum tubes wear out, and generally requires a specialized, increasingly rare, technician to diagnose which ones are bad. High-end audio manufacturer McIntosh say their redesigned MC275 tube amp remedies part of that problem. » 10/07/11 6:20pm 10/07/11 6:20pm

McIntosh-Owning Audiophiles Probably Heard About This MCLK12 Clock…

Audiophiles who don't bat an eyelash at spending $7,500 on a McIntosh sound system inevitably purchased this wall clock before it even came out, but for we ear-challenged individuals, a few details regarding a $2,000 clock: » 1/09/11 6:00pm 1/09/11 6:00pm

60th Anniversary McIntosh MXA60 Integrated Audio System Going for a…

Many audiophiles drool over McIntosh gear and probably won't think too much about spending $7,500 on this vacuum tube preamplifer-powered, CD/SACD/MP3 player-toting MXA60 integrated audio system. I can't even blame them. It probably sounds as great as it looks. » 12/09/09 4:40pm 12/09/09 4:40pm

This Is what $1,100,000 in Audio Equipment Looks Like

Wowza. Ivan Messer brings a new meaning to audiophile as he already spent well over five years tweaking and tuning his equipment to perfection. His $1.1 million in Richard Gray and McIntosh audio equipment that is. » 9/14/09 11:00pm 9/14/09 11:00pm

McIntosh Celebrates its 60th Anniversary, Blasts Tube Amps Into the…

Audiophiles across the world have their minds blown as McIntosh upgrades two classic home audio components in the "Classic Systems" limited release. I'd be more excited if I had $15,000 to blow on audio equipment. » 3/31/09 6:40pm 3/31/09 6:40pm