This is how McDonald's makes its McRib from beginning to end

If you have ever eaten a McDonald's McRib you probably have wondered about the same just like the rest of us: How the hell they make these weird ribs that are not ribs and taste so delicious? What kind of sorcery is this? Wonder no more. This is how they do it, from raw materials to finished sandwich—in 10 steps. » 11/03/14 8:21pm 11/03/14 8:21pm

You Really Can Make Anything With 3D Printers, Even McRibs

3D printing has come a long way from just Jay Leno making car parts in his insane garage to something real people can use to make neat things. So I had Sculpteo, a 3D printing service, make me a McRib. » 11/19/10 7:40pm 11/19/10 7:40pm

The McRib Is Now Available at Every Single McDonald's

Like cicadas or Fleetwood Mac reunion tours, the McRib only comes around once or twice in a generation. Starting today, and for the next six weeks, every McDonald's location in the US will carry the mythical manwich. Hallelujah. » 11/02/10 2:39pm 11/02/10 2:39pm

M-Cody M-20 MP3 Player

Similar in design to the LG Chocolate Phone, the M-20 is thin like an iPod Nano and has features Apple wouldn't think of putting in their player. Among them, FM radio, voice & line in recording, and WMA & OGG support. » 5/31/06 5:55pm 5/31/06 5:55pm