Your Baby's Klout Score Is in the 25th Percentile

As you know, we took a lot of measurements this morning—height, weight, head circumference—and in most respects, your baby is doing great. There's just one thing, and it's not necessarily something to be concerned about, but we do need to talk about it: Your baby's Klout score is in the 25th percentile. »4/08/14 12:00pm4/08/14 12:00pm


A Memo to Investors in 11D Technologies, Inc.

You may have seen reports this week that a team at MIT is developing so-called "4D printing" technology, which would go far beyond current 3D printing technology's capacity to print three-dimensional objects with a machine. This team has stated that its fourth "D" involves objects self-assembling. I want to assure… »3/19/13 2:20pm3/19/13 2:20pm

Nate Silver Offers Up a Statistical Analysis of Your Failing Relationship

While data shows that overall happiness in your relationship fell 8 more points, there is still a 31 percent chance of makeup sex this Friday, depending on average energy levels after work and how proactive you're feeling (see chart). However, if you just order $18 of Chinese takeout like you did last weekend,… »2/27/13 4:20pm2/27/13 4:20pm

Welcome to My Rare and Antiquarian eBook Shop

Why, hello there!-I was just appraising some rare PDFs in the back room when I heard you come in. Feel free to peruse our inventory, and if you have any questions, please allow me-one of the world's foremost authorities on and purveyors of fine electronic books-to act as your steward through the wonderfully esoteric… »12/06/12 3:20pm12/06/12 3:20pm

Pleased to Meet the Facebook Version of You

Hats off to your laissez–faire attitude about the beautiful dinner you guys cooked up at the beach this summer. I was cracking up at the joke you made in the caption ("Looks like we're eating outside AGAIN. Oh, well…") under the snapshot of the gorgeous lobsters. The potatoes looked amazing fading off into the blur of… »10/12/12 1:20pm10/12/12 1:20pm