The Kilogram Is Putting on Weight

There's long been debate over the accuracy of the standardized kilogram. Now, though, scientists have shown once and for all that the lump of metal defining the unit of mass has been putting on some weight. » 1/07/13 9:40pm 1/07/13 9:40pm

Scientists Build Scales That Can Weigh a Single Proton

How do you weigh an atom? To be honest, that's a question with plenty of problems which need answering, but one thing's certain: you need some accurate scales. Now, scientists have made a set that can measure the smallest unit of mass, the yoctogram—which is less than the mass of a single proton. » 4/02/12 6:36am 4/02/12 6:36am

Beard Measuring T-Shirt For The Hairy Man

Got a beard and want to see how you compare to the ZZ Tops of the world? Then you must get your hands on this beard measuring t-shirt from The Beardly. » 8/08/11 11:52pm 8/08/11 11:52pm

The 80s Now Have One More Cassette Tape Measure To Be Proud Of

Only Gama-Go would be able to take a Cassette Tape and make it into a pun-based product that's both useful and compact. Plus, it's only $8. [Gama-Go] » 10/05/09 9:20pm 10/05/09 9:20pm