This Laser Smartphone Add-On Accurately Measures Everything In a Photo

Forget the sanding, the painting, and all the construction; the worst part of a renovation is having to use a tape measure to size up a room. But if you're willing to cough up $560, there's now a much better way that almost sounds like magic. It's a smartphone accessory called the Spike that uses lasers, GPS, and… »12/24/13 8:36am12/24/13 8:36am


Spoon With Built-In Scales, Perfect for Dieters and Dealers

This spoon, which looks like a prop from CSI, has built-in scales so you can scoop and check the amount all in one. Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel, it has an LCD screen, and an accuracy of 0.005 ounces. It also measures in metric or imperial and can keep track of added weights. Just make sure you use it for… »4/24/08 7:05am4/24/08 7:05am

Adjustable Measuring Cups are Less Artsy, More Awesome

This is the latest gadget that will soon be gracing my kitchen. Ditch the stackable measuring cups and spoons, this is truly the only device you need for measurement. Slide the knob and the cup part will adjust to your desired measurement. The bigger of the two can measure up to half of a cup and the smaller one can… »10/19/06 1:12pm10/19/06 1:12pm