IT'S ON: Japan Accepts US Giant Robot Fight Challenge

Last week, we reported about how MegaBots, the American giant-piloted-robot-concern, finished their brute of a mech, the MegaBot Mark II, and immediately challenged the one other existing giant fighting robot, Japan’s Kuratas, to a duel. Well, peoples of earth, get excited, because the Japanese accepted. It’s on. »7/06/15 9:01pm7/06/15 9:01pm


U.S. Builds First Giant Robo-Suit, Immediately Challenges Japan To Fight

Finally, after millennia of bullshit agriculture and metallurgy and revolutions industrial, political, cultural, whatever, shit’s finally getting good. That’s because there are now two giant, functional, manned robotic mecha-Gundam-Pacific Rim-giant-robot-whatever suits, and it looks like they’re gonna fight. Who will… »7/01/15 12:42pm7/01/15 12:42pm

This Lego silver back gorilla mech will tear down the rainforest

Built by the ultra-talented Kosmas Santosa, this Lego Mech, titled Der Silberrȕcken 8, is a complex and an incredible build. Everything in the workshop from the tanks of nameless gasses to that vice on the tool bench is extremely well done. The hanger where the figs are working on the Mech is also stunning, down to… »10/29/14 6:06pm10/29/14 6:06pm

Kick ass dad made a giant Aliens power loader costume for his baby

Having a kid is a lot of responsibility but if you're a man-sized child, it can also be a lot of fun. Take Carsten Riewe, for example, he made a Caterpillar P5000 Powerloader costume from the movie Aliens for his 13-month-old daughter. What's the point of having kids if you can't do crazy things like that! »3/10/14 8:32pm3/10/14 8:32pm

Amazing Costume is Either a Kid Dressed as a Mech or a Mech Dressed as a Kid

Happy Halloween! Bad news! Your costume sucks compared to this kid's, which is amazing. It's a homemade chicken walker mech costume, and it is so badass I can't quite put how badass it is into words. I think between this and the Lil' Mega Man costume »10/31/08 10:40am10/31/08 10:40am we can conclude that Halloween is the best time for awesome dads…

Inflatable Killer Robot (Verdict: We're Getting Closer)

The Mega Mech Airmagination inflatable robot isn't quite the My Buddy/Optimus Prime hybrid that we've had in mind since age 8 1/2, but it brings us one step closer to the loving embrace of cold, possibly sharp steel talons. Because the Mega Mech Aimagination a fully remote controlled friend. Essentially an RC car with… »9/15/07 3:30pm9/15/07 3:30pm