How These Microscopic Diamonds Are Going to Shape the Future

No doubt you're already familiar with the many ways graphene promises to save us all, but there's another (so-called) miracle material out there vying for your attention—and it's sparkly, to boot. Say hello to the latest and greatest substance to kick science's ass straight into the future: the nanodiamond. » 4/09/14 10:00am 4/09/14 10:00am

Car Mechanic Dreams Up Genius Baby-Vacuum To Ease Births

Counter to everything you've ever been told, it appears that wrapping babies' heads in plastic bags may very well be the key to a full and happy life—at least for those born of obstructed labor, anyway. And what's more, this novel idea came about from one of the most unlikely sources: a car mechanic dreaming about… » 11/14/13 12:58pm 11/14/13 12:58pm

This mind-bending machine completes one turn every 2.3 trillion years

This machine by Arthur Ganson just blew my mind: its engine runs at 200 revolutions per minute but the last gear of its 12-gear mechanism is locked to a block of concrete. It looks still but, in reality, it is moving. You just can't see it because it completes one revolution every two trillion years. How the hell is… » 11/03/13 12:07am 11/03/13 12:07am

Tour the Wondrous, Hand-Cranked World of a Modern-Day da Vinci

This gorgeous experimental film by director Joey Bania explores the unique and dazzlingly creative world of Blair Somerville, resident inventor, tinkerer, and self-described "organic mechanic" of Popotowai, New Zealand. The film, which mixes elements of documentary film making with time-lapse motifs and stop-motion… » 9/17/13 5:40pm 9/17/13 5:40pm

How One Perfect Shot Saved Pinball From Being Illegal

In May of 1976 in New York City, Roger Sharpe watched nervously as city council members piled into a Manhattan courtroom. Reporters and camera operators had already begun setting up, eagerly anticipating the proceedings ahead. Roger, a young magazine writer for GQ and the New York Times among others, did not expect… » 8/16/13 12:00pm 8/16/13 12:00pm

Quantum Encryption Network Goes Live, Claims To Be Unbreakable

Scientists have connected up the world's first computer network protected by “quantum cryptography,” a supposedly unbreakable system that functions off a scheme based on the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. For us non-science folk, that means that you can't grab information transmitted through the network without… » 10/09/08 11:00pm 10/09/08 11:00pm