MobileMe Website is Up, One Day of Awkwardness Late

So we showed it to you briefly yesterday, but then MobileMe turned around and seemed to bite the Apple that made it, and has been unavailable until just now. Can we assume more technical hitches than its developers had anticipated? Yes, I think we can, particularly given Apple's "it's taking longer than expected"… » 7/11/08 5:31am 7/11/08 5:31am Could Be Apple's Rebranded .Mac Mobile Me Site

How's this for an Apple coup? On Friday Mark reported that Apple could be positioning .Mac for a serious overhaul, which was known in rumor mill circles at the time as Mobile Me. Today we received another update as MacRumors discovered that the Netcraft page for lists Kenneth Eddings, the official technical… » 6/01/08 6:00pm 6/01/08 6:00pm