Intel Silicon to Finally Appear in a Shipping Smartphone—In India

Intel processors are ubiquitous in desktop PCs and laptops, and now they're finally making their way into smartphones. Intel announced Thursday that the first Intel-powered smartphone, the Xolo X900, will be available for sale on April 23. » 4/19/12 5:32am 4/19/12 5:32am

Is This Motorola's First Intel-Powered Super Phone?

Since Intel showed off their first demo Medfield handset, we've only seen a production offering from Lenovo, and that's only going to be available in China. Rumor has it, though, that this is Motorola's first Intel offering. » 2/14/12 4:56am 2/14/12 4:56am

ARM CEO: Intel Will Never Beat Us On Efficiency

At CES we saw Intel's first serious attempt at mobile processing, Medfield, being used in a handful of devices. Intel thinks it could give ARM a run for its money. ARM think differently. » 1/13/12 7:41am 1/13/12 7:41am

Hands On With the First Intel-Powered Android Phone You Can Buy (In…

That Lenovo K800 phone, just announced at Intel's CES keynote and running off of the company's 32-nanometer mobile 1.6GHz Medfield chip? It's here. I played with it. It's... okay?jump] » 1/10/12 11:19pm 1/10/12 11:19pm

We're Live from Intel's Skinny Laptop, Super Phone CES Keynote

We're back on the live blog train, waiting for Intel CEO Paul Otellini to tell us just how ultra his ultrabooks are, and how this time seriously for realsies the company's got this whole mobile thing figured out. » 1/10/12 7:12pm 1/10/12 7:12pm

Hands On Intel's Last, Best Mobile Hope

The processor in your computer? Probably an Intel chip. The processor in your phone? Definitely not an Intel chip. And Intel would be the first to admit that it's fallen far behind in the mobile game. It desperately wants in on the post-PC land grab, but so far hasn't been able to put out a chip that's made into a… » 1/10/12 1:18pm 1/10/12 1:18pm

Are Nokia and Intel Working on a Chip Together?

Both companies are dropping clues that Nokia and Intel are working on a new mobile chip—a move that could solve serious problems for both. Intel and Nokia's love affair, it seems, is bigger than Meego. » 2/18/10 1:12pm 2/18/10 1:12pm

Intel's Medfield Project May, May Not Go Into Smartphones

It's all very wink wink, nudge nudge, hush hush, but the odor that Intel is giving off in this Fortune article about the Medfield project is that Intel's trying to shrink x86 down to smartphones. » 5/13/09 6:40pm 5/13/09 6:40pm