Amazing DSI Brain Scanning Visualizes Your Mind's Inner Workings In 3D

What's that monkey thinking about when he's mushing down that banana or tossing feces at you? Well, you're looking at it-this is a map of where a macaque's thoughts live. It's made possible by new 3D visualization algorithms developed by neuroscientists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston which render a… »8/07/08 3:00pm8/07/08 3:00pm


New Flexible Image Sensors Could Enable Eyeball-Cams, More Realisitc Cyborgs

Traditional camera lenses have to have beefier optics to make up for the fact that the sensor is flat-but one reason why the human eye is such an efficient little cam at (576 megapixels! ISO 800!) is because our image sensors (err, retinas) are rounder to better capture the light transmitted by the lens on the other… »8/06/08 10:30pm8/06/08 10:30pm

Swallowable Camera Pill Robots Now Anchor To Your Intestines Safely

What wonderful times we live in. If you've got some funky stuff going on down below, a good way to diagnose exactly what's happening is to swallow a pill-sized camera robot to have a looksie. Only problem is, those things have trouble swimming upstream, if you will, to stay near the specific trouble spot. Carnegie… »7/31/08 10:00am7/31/08 10:00am

Sensor-Packed Pajama Pants Analyze Grandpa's Walk For Potential Falls

Researchers at Virginia Tech hope to combat injuries suffered from elderly falls with these teched-out pants, which employ multiple sensors sewn into your standard flannel jams (aka blogging pants) to monitor the gait of the wearer for early diagnosis potential problems. So long as he doesn't shuffle out of Bluetooth… »7/30/08 6:10pm7/30/08 6:10pm