Power Up Your XBMC Installation with These Awesome Add-Ons

One of the best parts about XBMC, the kickass customizable media center software, is its browser-like extensions. If you've ever wanted to incorporate watching TV, listening to podcasts, or playing video games to your XBMC box, this is how it works. » 6/06/14 5:19pm 6/06/14 5:19pm

Plex Media Center on Jailbroken AppleTV Looks Delicious

Plex, an especially handsome piece of media center software, has been shoehorned onto jailbroken AppleTVs. It's still in early development, but man if this isn't the most beautiful way to stream all those files of yours to your TV screen. » 11/04/10 9:20am 11/04/10 9:20am

The Cardboard Media Center Is a Step Up from Cinderblocks and Planks

The standard cheapo dorm room media center is a few cinderblocks and a few two-by-fours. But that is a pretty ugly and cliched solution. This Freefold shelving system is instead made of cardboard, and it actually looks pretty slick. » 7/27/10 4:40pm 7/27/10 4:40pm

Boxee Integration App Lets Boxee and Windows 7 Media Center Play Nice

Windows 7 Media Center and Boxee each has its own strengths, and now the Boxee Integration App gives you access to both with minimal hassle. » 2/16/10 3:07pm 2/16/10 3:07pm

Svelte Piixl EdgeCenter 3770 Media Center Hides Behind Your HDTV

Like Kate Moss, this crazy thin EdgeCenter media server from Piixl (who?) is nearly invisible when viewed from the side. And that's precisely the point, as the pricey unit is meant to be hidden behind your HDTV. » 12/13/09 2:00pm 12/13/09 2:00pm

Roku HD-XR Hands On: Where's Roku Going With This?

Roku updated the lineup today with two new models bookending the current Roku HD: The $80 standard-def SD and the $130 HD-XR, which I tested. It's solid, but still needs a firmware upgrade (coming soon) before it feels truly next-gen. » 10/27/09 8:30am 10/27/09 8:30am

Dealzmodo: Liquid TV TiVo Software and Tuner Card for $60

Sure, Windows 7 Media Center is included with the OS, but if you can't give up your TiVo interface, here's a cheap way to roll your own, HTPC style—$60 for Nero Liquid TV software and a tuner card. » 10/24/09 6:45pm 10/24/09 6:45pm

Windows 7 Media Center Internet TV Delivers CBS Shows and Zune Video…

Just in case you missed it buried underneath the upgrade to Netflix Watch Instantly the other day, Microsoft has gone live with Internet TV on Windows 7 Media Center, offering content (of rather poor picture quality) from the following providers: » 10/22/09 1:12pm 10/22/09 1:12pm

Streamlined Netflix Experience Now Available On Windows 7 Media Center

Starting today, early Windows 7 adopters have access to a streamlined Netflix Watch Instantly experience and a Internet TV update that includes a whole bunch of new content. » 10/20/09 4:24pm 10/20/09 4:24pm

Ceton's CableCARD Solution Has Six Tuners In One Slot

This Ceton Multi-Channel CableCARD is very interesting, both for its ability to decode six cable streams at once to record six shows at once on your Windows Media Center, and for the fact that it's not all that expensive. » 9/11/09 6:23pm 9/11/09 6:23pm

Zone Pro Hands On Part 2: Copy Freely and Windows 7

To continue our review of the Niveus Zone Pro media center, we put Windows 7 on there to try out all the new features, like better sharing of recorded shows. » 9/11/09 1:48pm 9/11/09 1:48pm

Normal People Can Now Install CableCARD Tuners On Windows 7 PCs

FINALLY. Microsoft and CableLabs are finally opened the door to have regular people add in CableCARD tuners by themselves, after they've purchased the PC and set it up. This is good news. » 9/09/09 8:26pm 9/09/09 8:26pm

Windows Media Center Opens Up DRM Restrictions on Shows, Allows More…

If you record a lot of shows using a CableCard in Windows Media Center, know that the upcoming 1.19 update will loosen the reins on these recordings and allow you to copy them to other WMC machines and portable devices. In other words, you record into WMC, you can copy the content wherever you want—save for… » 9/09/09 6:57pm 9/09/09 6:57pm

Review: Niveus Zone Pro One-Ups The Zone

The Niveus Zone was good, bringing an HD HTPC to your living room in a compact box, but the Zone Pro is three times the speed of the old one. And it shows. » 8/27/09 9:00am 8/27/09 9:00am

DLNA Media Center Software, Compiled and Simplified

Want to get media onto your TV using some of that fancy DLNA standard hardware? You still might be at a loss for which media center software is right for you, but now there's a handy chart. » 8/13/09 12:00am 8/13/09 12:00am

Roxio CinemaNow Brings Streaming Movies to the Wii (in Japan)

Well, it's Japan-only for now, but the Wii is finally starting to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the only category in which it's in third place: Media center functionality. CinemaNow, apparently, is the guinea pig of choice. » 6/25/09 6:30am 6/25/09 6:30am

Windows Media Center Gets Sports Channel With Pretty Good College Hoops…

Microsoft's bringing the "Sports Channel" to Windows Media Center (Vista), which is to College Basketball what the Olympics On The Go was to the Beijing Olympics. » 3/05/09 11:00am 3/05/09 11:00am

Windows 7 Media Center: The 10-Foot Experience's New Features

Microsoft has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the living-room PC experience, thanks to Media Center. Slick interfaces and powerful audio/video features combine with the power of a full computer to create a nice experience—though it pays if your PC is CableCard-compatible, for full HD over cable. In… » 2/10/09 11:55am 2/10/09 11:55am

Toshiba Bringing Windows Media Extender To LCDs, Standalone Players…

Toshiba's jump into the network-enchanced home entertainment game is partnered with Microsoft—Windows Media Extender functionality, along with Yahoo widgets, will hit their Regzas, combo LCD/DVD players and a standalone player—but we'll have to wait. » 1/07/09 1:24pm 1/07/09 1:24pm

10 Really Cool Windows 7 Media Center Features

A few days back, I showed you the new touch interface for Media Center PCs running Windows 7 » 11/21/08 9:30am 11/21/08 9:30am, and though I had to pull the video, I promised a walkthrough of proposed Windows 7 Media Center features. I say "proposed" because, like everything else about Windows 7, this is all alpha and subject to change. But these…