HP Mediasmart Connect HD Video Streamer Lightning Review

The Gadget: HP's Mediasmart Connect, a networked receiver that plays back H.264, DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, WMV video, photos, and even connects to your Media Center to act like an extender. It's also expandable space-wise with HP's Pocket Media Drives, and supports 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11a/b/g/n. It comes in a glossy… » 10/07/08 4:00pm 10/07/08 4:00pm

Dealzmodo: Linksys DMA2100 Media Center Extender for $99

If you are looking for a super cheap way to stream content from your Media Center PC, it doesn't get much better than this $99 DMA2100 deal from Newegg. The cheapest we have been able to find it elsewhere is around $140—and that is still pretty good. The DMA2100 is not as flashy as the 2200 version » 9/18/08 4:00pm 9/18/08 4:00pm, but it has all of…

Lifeware's LMS-810 Media Center PC Can Drive Ten TVs at Once

See these 10 TVs? They're all being driven by the same, single Media Center PC. Taking what they came with last year » 9/04/08 5:42pm 9/04/08 5:42pm and doubling it, Lifeware has crammed CableCARD tuners (two on board and six more in the external Lifetuner box on top) into a dual Intel Quad Core, 12TB RAID 5 box that can stream out to Media…

Linksys DMA 2100/2200 Media Center Extenders Shipping Now

Those Media Center Extenders we told you about back in September (the ones that support DivX, XviD and WMV HD) are finally shipping now. Dell has both the Linksys DMA 2100 and 2200s up for sale, but a reader tells us that his 2100 doesn't actually work with DivX or XviD, and the manual makes no mention of this. It… » 12/27/07 4:01pm 12/27/07 4:01pm

DirectTV-Enabled Media Centers Still Coming, Says Microsoft Job Listing

Chris Lanier, Media Center fan, has just found a couple job postings by Microsoft that point to an long-delayed introduction of DirecTV support in their Media Centers. The job postings point to Pay-Per-View access, HD in H.264, two-way communications to and from the satellite, and integration with both US and European… » 12/21/07 1:34pm 12/21/07 1:34pm