Dealzmodo Hack: Get Some Use Out of Your Useless Old PC

The PC upgrade cycle is a brutal, senselessly fast one. Problem is, every upgrade doesn't mean disposal for your old PC — it means suffering a much more depressing fate in the back of a dark closet. It doesn't have to be that way. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of dusty towers yearning to breathe… »11/14/08 11:00am11/14/08 11:00am

Dealzmodo: Linksys DMA2100 Media Center Extender for $99

If you are looking for a super cheap way to stream content from your Media Center PC, it doesn't get much better than this $99 DMA2100 deal from Newegg. The cheapest we have been able to find it elsewhere is around $140—and that is still pretty good. The DMA2100 is not as flashy as the 2200 version »9/18/08 4:00pm9/18/08 4:00pm, but it has all of…

Cable Companies To Charge More For Box Rental, Thanks To CableCard

The good news is, as of July 1 cable companies are required to ship new cable boxes that use new bi-directional CableCards, a move mandated by the FCC to support CableCard-based alternatives such as TiVos and Vista Media Center PCs. The bad news is: Everybody's gonna pay for it. By next January, set-top box rentals… »7/05/07 11:00am7/05/07 11:00am

The Everything Box: VidaBox Adds CableCARD to its Media Center PC Lineup

We've covered these feature-packed VidaBox media center PCs before, but none like this: in addition to having both Blu-ray and HD DVD players on board, now VidaBox is offering CableCARD compatibility on its line of media center PCs. So now you'll be able to watch and record HBO, Showtime (if you subscribe to them) and… »1/23/07 7:59am1/23/07 7:59am

Soundgraph's Front View Challenges Vista's Sideshow

We've already gotten a taste of what Vista's Sideshow feature can potentially do (both on remotes and on laptops), but now Korean manufacturer Soundgraph is hoping to beat MS to the punch with its own Sideshow-like feature called Front View. Front View consists of a front-mounted display on your Media Center PC that… »12/27/06 11:23am12/27/06 11:23am

Stealth Media Center Quietly Invades Your Living Room

If their last PC was the Hummer of the Media Center world, this one's undoubtedly the Beetle. Living up to its namesake, the new Stealth Media Center measures a scant 3.6-inches high yet packs enough media muscle to merit a spot next to your plasma. Design-wise, it's one of the better looking MCE PCs out there and… »11/22/06 12:15pm11/22/06 12:15pm

YouTube Poised to Invade Your V Cast Phone, MCE PC

It's not often us Verizon customers get good news (or good phones for that matter), but the boys in red have been schmoozing it up with the folks at YouTube in an attempt to bring Verizon V Cast customers access to YouTube's massive catalog of videos. The deal, which smells of an exclusive, would also give Verizon an… »11/07/06 10:48am11/07/06 10:48am