An Interactive Ruler Shows How OLEDs Will Make Mundane Objects Smarter

We’ve heard a lot about how OLEDs are poised to change everything from televisions to smartphones. But a group of researchers at MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group are applying OLEDs too more mundane objects, too—like plain old rulers. And the results are surprisingly cool. » 7/29/13 4:00pm 7/29/13 4:00pm

MIT Media Lab's Siftables Are Cool, But Ultimately Useless

These Siftables from MIT Media Labs are small Post It-sized displays with processing power built in, allowing it to communicate with other Siftables as well as detect motion and proximity. You'll have to see what that means in the video, as they have different examples of shaking these Siftables, connecting them… » 3/15/08 8:30pm 3/15/08 8:30pm

Bar Of Soap Is Multi-Talented Gadget That Susses Out What It Is Just By…

Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have come up with the Bar of Soap, a gadget that works out exactly what it is depending on how it is held. So, hold it like a camera, and you can take pics, hold it like a cellphone, and it makes calls. Basically developed as a prototype to test the grasp classification concept, the… » 11/28/07 8:20am 11/28/07 8:20am