Allio HDTV Integrates Media PC with Built-In Blu-ray

Allio has gone and done what we wish every HDTV manufacturer would attempt already. They've shoved a full-blown media PC into a 1080p LCD TV. Coming in sizes up to 42 inches, buyers can customize a set that features a Vista-powered PC with a Core2Duo, 4GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, 1TB of storage and a Blu-ray player. And maxed… » 11/10/08 9:15am 11/10/08 9:15am

Dell Continues Stylish Trend with Studio Slim Desktops

While not quite as stylish as the Studio Hybrid, Dell's new Studio Slim line is a promising update to their standard PCs for those of us ever-interested in an inexpensive media PC. Starting at $549, systems begin with 2.53GHz Core2Duo processors, 2GB of RAM and integrated graphics, but include HDMI out and are… » 9/23/08 5:00pm 9/23/08 5:00pm