Cowon's S9 Curve PMP Looks Exactly Like it Sounds it Should

Cowon's stealing a march on the imminent IFA show by teasing with some info on its new S9 PMP ahead of time: and you know, it's an attractive beastie. The S9 Curve looks to take its name quite literally, having sleek metallic-looking curved edges, and possibly even a curved rear-end if that photo's anything to go by.… »8/25/08 4:45am8/25/08 4:45am

Low-End Korean GPS is Basically High-End 7-Inch Screen PMP, for $190

The normally navigation-focused guys over at Navigadget »8/15/08 9:40am8/15/08 9:40am have spotted something interesting: The "low end" Easycar U7 GPS system heading for Korean drivers at the moment is basically a pretty high-end media player with a 7-inch touchscreen. As well as helping you navigate, the 0.75-inch deep gizmo plays audio and video…

Zvue's Custom Elvis Theme PMP Comes with Pre-Loaded Presley Vids

Screw the Journey-themed PMP, this custom Zvue player has real music aboard: from Mr Presley himself. Ten video clips to be precise, and Elvis's signature and photo engraved on the back shell. Part of Zvue's Premier Artists Series, it's got 1GB (expandable to 5GB with microSD,) a 2.4-inch colour TFT screen, FM tuner,… »8/06/08 6:56am8/06/08 6:56am

Sarotech's Abigs DVP-260X Media Player Holds 320GB, Does 5.1 Audio and HDMI, Plus FM Transmitter

Sarotech's' 2.5-inch ABigs player seems to be designed by an engineer with a gigantic budget. Why? Because it's got a 2.5-inch display, H.264 and MKV support, 1080p over HDMI and 5.1-channel out, a built-in FM transmitter, a photo viewer, an e-book and both PAL and NTSC compatibility. The 160GB version is available… »7/24/08 2:20pm7/24/08 2:20pm

Brando's New Cartridge-Style HDD Dock Goes Full Multimedia Player

Clearly one to take a good idea and run with it, Brando has just come up with this new cartridge-style HDD dock that also acts as a media player. So via its s-video and composite sockets you can stream audio, pictures, and video (including divx, with subtitles) to TV and it even has a remote. It takes 2.5-inch or… »7/10/08 5:31am7/10/08 5:31am