The Last Thing a Kitchen Scale Needs Is a Built-In Video Display

Besides a sleek design or the promise of ridiculous accuracy, there's not much a company can do to differentiate a kitchen scale from the rest of the pack. Or is there? The creators of this kitchen scale think they found the key to woo customers: a built-in full color LCD display for watching videos. » 12/12/12 2:40pm 12/12/12 2:40pm

WD TV Live Puts the Best Content in Your Computer on the Biggest Screen…

Doesn't matter if you're looking at a slideshow of vacation photos, streaming a Netflix movie or watching that copy of Hurt Locker you totally didn't torrent, they all look better bigger. So why squeeze your media onto a little monitor when you can stream it to your big-screen with Western Digital's newest media… » 10/06/11 8:00am 10/06/11 8:00am