Here's Why Roku Has A Chance To Win The Streaming Wars

The single best reason to buy a Roku? You’re looking at it. Roku is the only streaming media box that does all the comparison shopping for you. Why pay $3 to rent a movie when you can stream it with your existing Netflix plan, or on Crackle for free? And soon, Roku’s comparison shopping will become more powerful than… »4/06/15 9:33pm4/06/15 9:33pm

Here's an AirPlay-Friendly Media Streamer Not Made By Apple

The Xtreamer Prodigy is a mysterious media streamer that hasn't fully revealed itself quite yet, but its makers claim it's a device that not only supports Apple's AirPlay streaming spec, but also Flash, HTML5 and USB 3.0. The 1080p streamer has 512MB RAM, 7.1 digital audio support and can house a harddrive up to 3TB… »2/25/11 3:20am2/25/11 3:20am