NEC Lui WiMax Media Streaming System Gets Release Date, Price

We alerted you to NEC's fancy media-streaming home server last year: it's an "on demand" system that'll send your media content to Lui devices around your home and beyond. NEC has just stumped up the release schedule and pricing in Japan, and "Life with Ubiquitous Integrated solutions" systems isn't cheap. The pocket… »4/15/08 4:38am4/15/08 4:38am

Ziovia Announces ClearStream C615 HD Network Media Player

We have generally been very impressed with what Ziovia has to offer in the media streaming market, and their latest effort, the CS615, seems to be no exception. The new model will be able to stream a plethora of different media formats in HD, thanks to an integrated HDMI output. The ClearStream CS615 really has lots… »12/30/07 3:30pm12/30/07 3:30pm

EZfetch Allows Media Content Streaming From Nokia Handsets

We like Nokia's N series smartphones, and thanks to the EZfetch, we like them a little more. The EZfetch allows Nokia N series cellphones, with Wi-Fi, to stream media content straight to either a digital TV or audio system. The device also adds the option of using your Nokia as a remote control for the whole setup. If… »10/31/07 5:00am10/31/07 5:00am