HP Media Vault mv2120 Linux Server Reviewed: One Kick-Ass Little Penguin

Click to viewWhy, in the midst of a major Windows Home Server push, would HP introduce a little Linux-based NAS at half the price? And why would HP make the $300 Media Vault mv2120 so full featured and easy that its $600-and-up MediaSmart Servers look

A) too bulky

B) too expensive

C) too overloaded

D) all of the… »3/28/08 9:00pm3/28/08 9:00pm


HP Updates MediaSmart Server, Adds Linux-Powered mv2120 Media Vault

The Skinny: The mv2120 Media Vault, a junior Linux-based server with the Photo Webshare and iTunes server functionality of its big brother but a much lower cost. (They'll start at $300.) As for the big guy, he's getting some much needed updates come February, including server-side anti-virus software from McAfee;… »1/03/08 12:01am1/03/08 12:01am