This Sticker Automatically Injects Meds When a Chemo Patient Can't

Chemotherapy is a brutal but often life-saving treatment for an even worse disease. It can also reduce a patient's white blood cell count, which hinders the body's ability to fight off infections. Injections of Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) can help boost white blood cells, if given exactly a day later. That's where this… »3/09/15 3:23pm3/09/15 3:23pm

FYI, The FDA Recommends Mixing Kitty Litter Into Your Old Meds

I have a small orange bottle in my bathroom cabinet with a couple painkillers leftover from the time I got my wisdom teeth out a few years ago. They're way out of date. I should toss 'em. BUT HOW?? According to the FDA, flushing is a no-no; proper protocol is mixing them with kitty litter before bagging them up and… »4/24/14 6:38pm4/24/14 6:38pm

A Wearable IV Pole Is Like Morphine-2-Go For Patients

Even when a patient recovering from surgery is strong enough to get out of bed, they're still usually tethered to an IV bag for medication—which means they have to drag around one of those awkward IV poles even when just going to the bathroom. But if they're strong enough, they might soon be able to use this wearable… »3/03/14 1:40pm3/03/14 1:40pm

Water Powered Nano Rockets Can Safely Explore the Human Body

The idea of targeting a specific part of the human body with a microscopic rocket carrying a payload of medication has been tossed around for a while. And working nano-sized rockets have already been created, the only problem is that they're powered by chemicals like hydrogen peroxide which will do more harm than good… »8/28/12 8:55am8/28/12 8:55am

Take Your Meds Or This Ultra-Expensive Pillbox Will Guilt You Into Remembering

It's staggering to see how many pills seniors have to take every day, but not as overwhelming as the ridiculous number of organizers they can buy to help them remember which pill is taken when. And at the top of the heap is this $250 pill sorting contraption that actually needs to be programmed with accompanying… »8/09/12 4:00pm8/09/12 4:00pm

Aespironics Drug Inhaler Should Fit in Wallet, Be Cheap, Effective

An Israeli company, Aespironics, is trying a new approach in re-designing an old faithful drug delivery system: the inhaler. They've teamed up with an expert in drug atomization and a wind turbine researcher, and have come up with a breath-activated, turbine-assisted design that should be slim, cheap and easy to… »8/05/08 7:15am8/05/08 7:15am