You Shouldn't Freak Out About the Antibiotic Apocalypse

A team of scientists has discovered a gene that renders bacteria resistant to colistin, a so-called last-resort antibiotic doctors use when other drugs have failed. This is very bad news, and yes, it could usher in a post-antibiotic era—if we let it. But here’s why you shouldn’t panic just yet, and what you can do… »11/19/15 1:15pm11/19/15 1:15pm

Should Doctors Be Allowed to Listen to Music During Surgery?

If you’ve had surgery under anesthesia in the last couple of decades, your doctor was probably listening to her favorite music while operating. There’s growing debate in the medical field about whether music in the operating room really helps surgeons focus or creates a potentially dangerous distraction. »11/13/15 6:00pm11/13/15 6:00pm