HP MediaSmart Server Now Available; Iomega and Others Unveil Windows Home Servers

At long last, you can go order the eagerly awaited HP MediaSmart Server, running Microsoft's lovable Windows Home Server software. It's up at <a href="

»11/05/07 12:01am11/05/07 12:01am

Medion Launching Inexpensive, Personalized Portable PC in the UK

If you so happen to live in Albion you're in luck since word has it that German outfit Medion will be offering its MIM 2000 portable Centrino PC in the coming weeks for just $742, including all those wacky taxes. For your hard-earned money, you're getting a fairly capable, if not long in the tooth, machine, powered by… »7/21/06 8:18am7/21/06 8:18am