Spire Fitness Tracker Review: Keep Calm And Keep On Walking

The Spire is a fitness tracker that also measures your breathing, so you can keep tabs on your lungs as well as your steps. Why would you want to do that? Creators Jonathan Palley and Neema Moraveji, of the Stanford's Calming Technology Lab, claim it can help make you a calmer person. » 3/26/15 3:06pm Thursday 3:06pm

Find Inner Peace In Your Own Private Meditation Cavern

Yoga studios are nice, but what about the pretentious people and their greasy mats—not to mention all the see-through pants and all the farts? What you really need is your own private meditation cavern in the New Mexico desert. In fact, maybe you need two! » 12/03/13 2:00pm 12/03/13 2:00pm

5 Ideas To Improve Air Travel From a Customer Experience Designer

It's easy to get worked up about the ughs of air travel, especially on a week like this. But there are plenty of ways to make flying less terrible—and some of the best minds in design are currently working on them. We posed a simple question to a few of them: If you could do anything to improve the flying experience,… » 11/26/13 10:00am 11/26/13 10:00am

HeartMath Inner Balance Review: Like Meditation Training Wheels

The benefits of consistant meditation are too well told. Lower stress, better focus, easier sleep. But despite its inherent simplicity, it can be really tough to learn and practice, especially if relaxation doesn't come naturally. » 5/01/13 4:03pm 5/01/13 4:03pm

Meditation Makes Your Brain Quicker

Most people dismiss meditation as a bunch of hippy nonsense. But no longer; scientists have established that meditation, if done regularly and for long enough, is linked to the brain being able to process information faster. Take that, skeptics. » 3/15/12 9:40am 3/15/12 9:40am

A Cube Inside a Loft Inside a Warehouse, for Feng Shui's Sake

Liu Ming, a feng shui teacher in Oakland, CA, lives in a loft inside a warehouse in Oakland, California. But he spends much of his time—working, sleeping, meditating—inside a steel and plywood cube that sits on wheels in the middle of his loft. Why? Because, he says, it's good feng shui. » 2/10/11 4:20pm 2/10/11 4:20pm

Jack Into Your Brain with a Free Download

We are remaining firmly skeptical about this, but there are some binaural sounds you can play through earphones that supposedly hack your brain, making you feel like you've had too much coffee, feel relaxed, or can even allegedly simulate sex. These downloadable sounds feed you a different tone in each ear, and the… » 3/28/06 11:03am 3/28/06 11:03am