Whole New MeeGo Surfaces In Fancy Oak Trail Tablet

MeeGo sure has changed a lot since when we first got a good look at it, and regardless of how you feel about the changes, lets hope that the adjustments indicate a broad release is near. And in the meantime, let's sit back and appreciate our first look at the Oak Trail (Atom Z670 1.5GHz processor) reference tablet… » 4/12/11 4:10pm 4/12/11 4:10pm

Intel Would've Sided With Google Instead of Microsoft, Had it Been in…

It's been hard not to feel sorry for Intel after Nokia sold out to Microsoft last week, ditching its MeeGo OS collaboration with Intel for Windows Phone 7. Intel finally went public with its hurt, with CEO Paul Otellini claiming Nokia made the wrong decision. Well, he would say that, wouldn't he. » 2/18/11 3:50am 2/18/11 3:50am

Rogue Nokia Shareholders Are Calling for Stephen Elop's Head

A group of "nine young Nokia shareholders" who used to work at Nokia are demanding that the rapidly-morphing company fire CEO Stephen Elop, extend the life of Symbian by five years and restore MeeGo as the focus of future Nokia smartphones. All of their laughably asinine demands can be consumed in full over at [Nokia… » 2/15/11 11:20pm 2/15/11 11:20pm

Nokia Finally Faces the Hard Truth

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is pissed the Finnish cellphone maker relinquished their market dominance to Apple and Google. Real pissed. Fearing the company has reached a point of no return, Elop issued a no-holds-barred 1,300-word memo to employees, and seems primed to make some bold moves in the next week to help Nokia… » 2/08/11 11:20pm 2/08/11 11:20pm

Analyst Says Nokia's MeeGo is "the Biggest Joke In the Tech Industry…

Normally we don't care much for analyst-talk, but in the case of Adnaan Ahmad's disparaging open letter to Nokia it's worth taking a look—if only for the advice he dishes out about adopting Windows Phone 7. » 2/03/11 5:00am 2/03/11 5:00am

VP of MeeGo, Nokia's Upcoming OS, Is Next to Leave

Blood won't stop gushing out of the Nokia wound. Ari Jaaksi, who was the Vice President of MeeGo devices, has reportedly left Nokia. It's not known whether he jumped or was pushed, but his departure follows Chairman Jorma Ollila, Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki and CEO and President Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, who've… » 10/05/10 7:10am 10/05/10 7:10am