Finally, Foolproof Teleconferencing (I Hope)

How much do you hate Polycom? GoToMeeting? Vidyo? Skype? Or whatever the hell else you use to hold meetings with distant colleagues? Well, I'm here to tell you that somebody may have finally figured out a foolproof way to make teleconferencing actually work. "May" because I only spent ten minutes with the so-called… » 10/07/14 9:00am 10/07/14 9:00am

Idea Flight for iPad

Imagine you have a presentation to show off but instead of using a projector and paper print outs, you're using iPads. Why? Because with Idea Flight for iPad, you can control what everyone gets to see on their iPad. » 6/01/11 6:01pm 6/01/11 6:01pm

What is it?

Idea Flight, Free, iPad. At the core, Idea Flight is like a screen sharing app for… » 6/01/11 6:01pm 6/01/11 6:01pm