PlayStation 3 Violence Continues to Everyone's Surprise

Who'd have thought that months after the release of the PlayStation 3, the book of PS3 Melee Watch would get another chapter added to it. A San Francisco man was stabbed to death Monday night when he tried to help two women who were getting their PlayStations stolen by the man they were selling it to. The women chased… » 5/04/07 5:20pm 5/04/07 5:20pm

PlayStation 3 Melee Watch: Rapists, Wii, and Smashing Edition

Jackholes come in threes, and that's no exception for the PS3 » 11/17/06 7:47pm 11/17/06 7:47pm melee madness. Our jerkbag is a suspected rapist who escaped from a University of kentucky Hospital only to go to Best Buy in order to buy a PS3. People were suspicious when they saw a man who fit the escapee's description. The description: .