Dork and Melindy: Mrs Gates Made Bill Brill

While everyone this week spent time recognizing Bill's achievements, I'd like to recognize Mrs. Bill, Melinda Gates. In a quarter-century's time, after her husband has shuffled offstage at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm clutching his gong, after the applause has died down, those people who like to discuss such… » 6/29/08 12:08pm 6/29/08 12:08pm

Obama #1 In Gates and Jobs Households, Donation-Wise

Click to viewBill William Gates has only made one presidential-candidate campaign donation this season, and it was to Barack Obama. Meanwhile, although Steve Jobs' wife Laurene has given nice sums to each of the three leading Democratic candidates, Barack appears to be the apple of her eye, if you calculate that in… » 1/30/08 6:29pm 1/30/08 6:29pm

Bill Gates' Wife Reveals That Her First Love Was an Apple

The beautiful, smart and, no doubt, fragrant Melinda Gates is the subject of a mahoosive profile in Fortune. And, aside from the philanthropic angle (Bill and Melinda, it is estimated, will give away around $100 billion from their eponymous foundation) it gives a fascinating insight into the home life of Mr. and Mrs.… » 1/17/08 8:31am 1/17/08 8:31am