The 9 Coolest Collectibles You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

For dedicated fans, money is no object when it comes to obtaining the perfect piece of memorabilia. But when dealing with random EBay auctioneers selling "authentic" merchandise sight-unseen, you might not be getting the genuine article you paid for. Amazon's new Entertainment Collectibles service, however, offers… »2/19/13 6:40pm2/19/13 6:40pm

12 Amazing Movie Props You'll Actually Be Able to Buy This Weekend

Profiles in History is holding a massive, massive memorabilia auction this weekend, December 15 and 16, and you've got the opportunity to buy over 900 screen-used items from some of the biggest movies of all time. The best part—you don't even need to be in LA to place a bid. »12/13/12 7:00pm12/13/12 7:00pm

Estimated auction value: $30,000 -…

Star Wars Flashers Use The Force (i.e., Flashing, Spinning Heads) to Alert You to Calls

Always had something against Darth Vader and his many Stormtrooper cronies? Why not denigrate them to the lowest forms of consumer electronics by decapitating their shrunken heads and turning those into nifty Star Wars phone flashers? Now if you're in a way-too-noisy cantina, or if you're phone is on silent, the head… »9/18/08 10:10pm9/18/08 10:10pm

Concorde Auction Sees Toilet Seat Go for Astronomical Sum

As the auction of Concorde gear in Toulouse enters its last day, let's see what's been snapped up, shall we? Well, you could have had a supersonic toilet seat (which goes even faster than this one) for just $3,674. But the two most interesting pieces, a machometer, and a set of the supersonic plane's landing gear,… »10/01/07 6:00am10/01/07 6:00am

6-foot Neon Rainbow Apple Computer Logo on eBay for $4500

If you're a die-hard Apple buff and want the world to know it, place your bid for this massive original Apple Computer sign. This sign comes from the era of the manly rainbow-colored logo and has been hanging on an authorized Apple dealer's store wall for years. The dealer is relocating and you can be the beneficiary… »7/24/07 7:14pm7/24/07 7:14pm