Handmade Playlist: The Greatest Mixtape I Ever Made

In 1994, I painstakingly crafted the greatest hip-hop mixtape cassette I would ever make, comprised solely of songs on the radio at the time. I was 9. » 4/16/09 10:00pm 4/16/09 10:00pm

Gadget Deals of the Day

Look, we'd like to think that if we didn't tell you about all of these fabulous tech deals, you'd just go on your merry way and save your cash. But we both know that isn't the case. So read on to score a $.98 version of Half-Life, a $100 external hard drive, or one of the many good buys that you see above. Or, you… » 11/20/08 6:00pm 11/20/08 6:00pm

Memorex SingStand Might Actually Make Karaoke Cool Again

The galaxy of gimmicky karaoke machines was starting to fade before Memorex's SingStand came along. This baby organically melds mic stand and iPod dock, and at $70 doesn't even put you into debt to do so. The base is where the brains are—vox effects like reverb plus "Auto Voice Control" for removing original song… » 9/21/08 5:00pm 9/21/08 5:00pm

Memorex MVBD-2510 Blu-ray Limbos Under $300

The Memorex MVBD-2510 fills that getting-the-job-done-for-cheap niche, but Gizmodo readers should know we don't actually recommend it for purchase. It costs only $270, but sacrifices Profile 2.0 and the ethernet that accompanies it. So it's a pass, but a positive trend for the industry all the same. [ prnewswire » 9/18/08 9:30am 9/18/08 9:30am]

Memorex SimpleSave is Easy DVD Recording For Your Grandparents

Memorex has a crazy (and expensive) new DVD-R line called SimpleSave, which automatically scans your computer for photos and videos and burns them to disc. From the description, these $14.99 for 5 discs sound like they're perfect for your parents or grandparents who don't really know how to use a burner and have… » 6/24/08 5:10pm 6/24/08 5:10pm

Memorex Makes Air Dusters Harder to Huff

Now, you probably didn't know this—because you're a normal human being—but kids apparently like to huff cans of compressed air. Boy, children are really high-tech these days. Back when we were small we stuck with markers, glue, and chalk, but now they're getting all futuristic with compressed air. » 5/26/07 1:10pm 5/26/07 1:10pm

Memorex Money Clip Flash Drive Won't Lose Data, Money

Father's Day, anyone? Memorex has created this device for that technologically savvy money clip user. It is a flash drive that can also double as a money clip. It is available in capacities in up to 1GB and is available for $35 at Target stores. It may be a bit bulky for a money clip, but think of how impressed the… » 5/16/07 6:40pm 5/16/07 6:40pm

Dealzmodo: 1GB Memorex Flash Drive, $5 AR

Tiger Direct has a 1GB Memorex TravelDrive that includes CA Internet Security for $90 with an $85 mail-in-rebate. There is always mixed reviews about Tiger Direct mail-in-rebates, so take this one with a grain of salt. » 10/24/06 4:03pm 10/24/06 4:03pm

Memorex iFlip Video Viewer for iPod

This September Memorex plans to release a video player that connects to the 5G iPod with Video, giving users access to a much roomier screen without having to sacrifice their precious iPod. The 8.4-inch screen dwarf's the iPod's 2.5-inch and supports a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels. If, like Tim Allen, you need more… » 7/26/06 2:35pm 7/26/06 2:35pm

Memorex World Cup USB Drives

Memorex isn't one for rushing things, since they're just now getting around to releasing World Cup themed USB drives when the World Cup is halfway over! We're guessing it was a manufacturing problem, since releasing these things when two of the countries are already eliminated is kind of putting salt on fresh wounds. » 6/29/06 7:30pm 6/29/06 7:30pm

Back to the Future: Memorex Pro Gold Archival CD-R

Gizmodo has a little secret to spill: we've acquired a time machine and gone forward 300 years so that we could do a hands-on test of these Memorex Pro Gold CD-R blanks (available in DVD-R, too) the company sent us via FedEx today. Our result? We had no way of knowing if the company's claim of a 300-year durability is… » 6/15/06 5:02pm 6/15/06 5:02pm

Memorex Releases Four MP3 Players And Nobody Notices

When consumers hear Memorex, what comes to mind? Most likely CDRs, DVDRs and burners, not MP3 players. But Memorex is trying wedge itself into an already tight market like your wife into her jeans from college. » 5/21/06 1:47pm 5/21/06 1:47pm

Imation Buys Memorex, Passes Go, Collects $200

Data storage manufacturer Imation has acquired Memorex for 330 million bones with additional payments of up to $45 million to come in the future. The deal should be completely sealed by the second quarter of 2006 and Imation expects an increase of $34 million annualized operating income. Memorex has been around since… » 1/23/06 8:56am 1/23/06 8:56am

Memorex's Cute Little Dongle

Memorex is shrinking. The new Mini Traveldrive portable storage device is about an inch shorter than the original Traveldrive, comes in a prettier platinum color (in case you're dying for something to match your purse) and holds up to 2GB of storage for $179.99. Includes SecureTD with password protection, and is… » 8/23/05 12:15pm 8/23/05 12:15pm