USB Memory Card Reader With Compact Mirror. Verdict: Wacky!

So, sometimes you need to check to see if your lipstick is okay, and sometimes you need to download data from a memory card. To do both of those you need a device to help you out. But why would you combine both devices into one gizmo? I suppose it could save space in your purse if you're a really habitual memory-card… » 4/14/08 10:39am 4/14/08 10:39am

Brando AeroCool Infinite Drive: Stick Stuff Into It

Stuff this Brando AeroCool Infinite Drive into your 3.5-inch bay, and it will accommodate more objects than a randy ho at the frat house. It's not only a 25-in-1, four-slot memory card reader, but it also has a removable 2.5-inch hard disk drive mount. Ever helpful, it also offers a couple of USB ports, a headphone… » 10/04/06 10:33am 10/04/06 10:33am